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Lucky Peach uses food as a filter to tell stories about people, places, traditions, flavors, shared experiences, and cultural identities.  Smart, thoughtful writing and influential design have made Lucky Peach’s quarterly magazine one of the world’s most trusted and fiercely loved culinary resources.

Unsatisfied with re-imagining what food magazines could be, in 2015, Lucky Peach expanded its mission with a (now award-winning) website, cookbooks, and live events, helping it to reach a wider audience of cooks and diners seeking an inclusive, irreverent, and authoritative approach to cooking, eating, and entertaining. 


2016 Awards & Honors

Publication of the Year             James Beard Awards

General Excellence in Service and Lifestyle category        ASME Ellie

Best Food Blog                     James Beard Awards

What Others Say

“A reminder of print’s true wingspan.” 
The New York Times

“A masterpiece of modern-food culture.” 

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Who reads Lucky Peach?

The magazine’s combination of award-winning food journalism and groundbreaking design have attracted an engaged audience who want quality in all their lifestyle choices—food, appliances, design, travel, and more. And unlike most other titles in our category—or any category—Lucky Peach finds a spot on a readers’ shelves, kept and collected like a book series, meaning your ad will live for longer, too.

How many people read Lucky Peach?

Our average print run is 100,000 copies. 20-25,000 go to subscribers, and an additional 40-50,000 are sold at newsstands, bookstores, grocery stores, boutiques, and many other outlets. With the average reader passing along their copy to one or two friends, we estimate that each issue reaches at least 150,000 readers.

Where are Lucky Peach readers?

86% of subscribers are in the US, 7% in Canada, and 7% in the rest of the world. The numbers above indicate percentage of subscribers overall. 

86% of subscribers are in the US, 7% in Canada, and 7% in the rest of the world. The numbers above indicate percentage of subscribers overall

Lucky Peach subscribers are generally urban, with the largest concentrations in the New York and San Francisco Bay areas, and sizable readerships in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and DC. While undoubtedly coastal, a more sure-fire sign of high Lucky Peach subscriber concentration is a small city with thriving food and art scenes, and a young population— places like Austin TX, Ann Arbor MI, Madison WI, Boulder CO, and Raleigh/Durham NC, among others.


Average household income: $127k+

60% female; 40% male

Age: Average Age: 39

  • 21-39: 55%


Average time spent with magazine: 3.4 hours

Average pass-along per copy: 2.6


96% cook at home regularly; 92% shop at farmer's markets or purchase natural/organic products.

98% eat at a restaurant at least once every two weeks.

70% is more likely to buy foods that they've read about online or in magazines.

88% read a book for pleasure at least once a month.

92% have vacationed within the US, and 69% outside the US, within the last two year.


*Survey conducted and certified by Accelara Publishing Research, October 2015 is the authority on what to eat, where to eat, and who the people behind food are.

Our website takes the elements that have always set Lucky Peach apart from our publications—our high standards for editorial, our access to talent, and our brand trust—and optimizes them for a digital audience. The site is both a culinary resource as well as a place to read stories, with everything from chef profiles to curated restaurant recommendations to recipe packages and guides—all coupled with the innovative art and design made famous by the magazine. 

Branded content is met with the same enthusiasm and editorial standards as our award winning content. 

Leverage Lucky Peach’s stable of distinguished writers, chefs, and designers to tell your brand’s story in unique and unexpected ways. 


58% male; 42% female

Age: 25-34: 49%








"The outlet has distinguished its digital presence as a knowledge-based counterpart to the voice-, story-, and language-based enthusiasms of its print edition. On, you can learn how to make ramen-fried chicken from David Chang himself, without either Chang’s technical mastery or the original defining essence of Lucky Peach getting short shrift." —James Beard Foundation

Over the past several years, Lucky Peach events have become engaging rallying points for the food media world. 

Chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, artists, photographers, and more, enthusiastically help us ring in the arrival of the new issues of Lucky Peach at our quarterly launch parties across the country. Our events are typically invite-only affairs that often range from 200–450 of our closest friends and supporters. Featured food and beverage talent at past issue launch parties includes David Chang (Momofuku), Danny Bowien (Mission Chinese and Mission Cantina), Roy Choi (Kogi), M.Wells, Andy Ricker (Pok Pok + Whiskey Soda Lounge), Joaquín Simó (Pouring Ribbons), Kevin Denton (wd~50 + Alder) and The Bon Vivants (Trick Dog). 

Based on the success and momentum of these past events, we plan to expand our event programming for 2016 to include a campaign of large-scale, public-facing events. The debut of this new programming will allow for us to bring the Lucky Peach aesthetic to life, and engage our audience, in new and exciting ways. 

Upcoming Events

Power Vegetables! Cookbook Tour (Various Cities)
Fall/Winter 2016

Lucky Peach will cross the country to celebrate Power Vegetables! and the people who make them, collaborating with local chefs in formats ranging from outdoor festivals to seated dinners. Each event will bring the cookbook to life in signature Lucky Peach style, featuring creative programming, premiere talent, and top-quality food and drink. All events will be hosted by author and Lucky Peach editorial director, Peter Meehan.  

Fantasy Dinner Series (Various Cities)
Fall/Winter 2016

This past September, we brought to life one of the fictional restaurants featured in our Fantasy issue, Randy Krishna's Tandoori Steakhouse, for a one-night-only pop-up dinner. Next year, we will expand upon this with a series of pop-up dinners in various cities across the country that bring to life the themes and content from the magazine, and showcase the acclaimed chefs featured regularly in our pages. 



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  • All ads in Lucky Peach are full page, 8.5 x 10.5", with .25" bleeds. Template available upon request.
  • Files should be delivered at minimum 300 dpi, CMYK, as a PDF or as packaged InDesign files. 

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