Lucky Peach’s Audience

Our audience doesn't like Lucky Peach–they love it.  In a world where we are starved for time and information is endless, our audience spends 3-4 hours with EACH issue.  They are curious and open-minded, young and engaged, food obsessives who not only dine out frequently but cook regularly too.  

The combination of award-winning food storytelling and groundbreaking design have attracted an audience that knows and seeks quality not only in the food and media they consume, but also where they travel, shop, and seek entertainment.

Print: 100K circulation

Website: 720K monthly uniques

Newsletter: 275K subscribers

Instagram: 243K followers

Facebook: 159K likes

Twitter: 125K followers



Average household income: $127k+

Print: 60% female; 40% male

Website: 50% female: 50% male

Print Average Age: 39

Website Age: 25-34: 41%


96% cook at home regularly

98% eat at a restaurant at least once every two weeks.



*Survey conducted and certified by Accelara Publishing Research, October 2015