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Our website takes the elements that have always set Lucky Peach apart from our publications—our high standards for editorial, our access to talent, and our brand trust—and optimizes them for a digital audience. The site is both a culinary resource as well as a place to read stories, with everything from chef profiles to curated restaurant recommendations to recipe packages and guides—all coupled with the innovative art and design made famous by the magazine. 

Branded content is met with the same enthusiasm and editorial standards as our award winning content. 

Leverage Lucky Peach’s stable of distinguished writers, chefs, and designers to tell your brand’s story in unique and unexpected ways. 

"The outlet has distinguished its digital presence as a knowledge-based counterpart to the voice-, story-, and language-based enthusiasms of its print edition. On, you can learn how to make ramen-fried chicken from David Chang himself, without either Chang’s technical mastery or the original defining essence of Lucky Peach getting short shrift." —James Beard Foundation